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27 Jun 2022
Dr. Kenny Siu’s Sharing on Sing Pao Column – SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities (II)

Hong Kong has been bridging the East and the West for more than 100 years since it was a colony. As a Window to the West, Hong Kong can enjoy the most benefits when the tension between the East and the West increases. However, Hong Kong may lose its advantages over its naturally geopolitical status if China adopts a completely open policy to the world. A large proportion of investments in the Mainland are made through Hong Kong and many supporting services are charged in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong’s protection of intellectual property rights could make Hong Kong an ideal centre for the application of new products to explore the market responses and commercialisation of R&D results from the Mainland. 

Learn more from the full article (in Chinese only) written by Kenny Siu, Senior Advisor of AEC Group, published on Sing Pao on 27 June. 

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